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IBE Software GmbH

Intuitive NC Programming and Nesting Software from IBE Software GmbH

cncCUT delivers great functionality and excellent value for money while comfortably fulfilling the highest demands of usability. The interface is unbeatably simple due to its 10 years of development always focused on intuitive user-friendliness.
It's never been easier to intuitively create NC programs in just a few mouse clicks!

Download free DEMO Version of cncCUT.

Material Optimization

Software from IBE Software
cncCUT delivers user-oriented material optimization through automated nesting routines. Offcuts are reduced through optimized material usage, and are often completely spared, resulting in reduced setup costs and costs per part.

Our true-shape nesting module was already a proven bringer of results, and continuous development has allowed us to improve automated routines. That said, the human eye can still often see more than the machine, which is why you are always able to post-edit your nesting plans. cncCUT brings together time savings and ease of use, meaning a great investment in your enterprise.

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True-Shape Nesting
Parquet Nesting

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